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Frequently Asked

Q    What is Marble plaster?

A    It is a stunning decorative wall finish made from fine lime putty, marble flour or grains, natural waxes and colorants, applied by a stain-less steel trowel to give an extremely high luster. Marble plaster is often called Venetian plaster, Polished plaster, or Italian plaster, but in the UK it is mostly referred to as Marble Plaster.

Q    What surfaces are suitable for these Marble plasters?

A    The Marble plasters we use can be applied to plastered or painted walls. All surfaces must be clean and free of dust, grease and moisture. Any loose paint or wall paper must be removed, cracks and holes must be prepared and sanded flat before application. Wall fixings, screws, nail heads etc must also be removed.

Q    Does the application of plaster cause much mess?

A    Not really – you will need the same amount of preparation and protection as if you were painting

Q    Can Marble plaster be used in bathrooms and kitchens?

A    Yes, it’s ideal. Marble plaster can be used in any room in the house, but in wet rooms a coating of Idro-Fobix wax is applied for protection against water and steam

Q    What geographical area does MRJ serve?

A    We are based in Gateshead, close to Newcastle upon Tyne but we travel throughout the North East of England.

Q    Can you plaster around my sockets and switch plates, or around my central heating radiators?

A    Whilst being possible to do this, it is however considered to be not the best practice due to it posing a high health and safety risk, as well as being much more awkward to work around. When working around these appliances, it is strongly advised to have all sockets and switch plates, central heating appliance etc. removed prior to plastering commencing and re-fitted once decorating is complete. Please contact us if you need further assistance on this matter.


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