At MRJ Plastering, we offer a fantastic range of colours for your chosen plaster, allowing you to be more specific with the plaster you desire.

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Lucidato Polished Plaster

Lucidato, a plaster with the "WOW" factor. Smooth to the touch with a luxurious high glassy shine, this plaster is truly amazing.
Lucidato is applied with a special steel Lucidato trowel in 3 layers over a coat of primer to produce movement, pattern and shine.
The final layer is burnished to a high glassy shine whilst still damp.
The plaster can be left unwaxed, but we recommend waxing with Clear wax or Decor wax to protect the surface from everyday dirt.

Please Note:
Colours illustrated are for guidance only.
Due to different monitors and their settings, the colours and shades may vary slightly from those shown below. If in doubt, or for further advice, please call:
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